Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June Update

We have had plenty of 8.0m sailing weather over the last few weeks but nothing to get your teeth into and start posting some speeds.

The world championships are coming up soon and I am in training to looses a few more pounds for that event. The event is in Karpathos Greece, link below. The event is slightly different to usual as it is timed over a 250m long course instead of 500m. This also means that the event is only open to 45 competitors.

The entry eligibility list is as per D1 of the Speed World Cup Rule book below. The world cup last year didn't take place due to lack of wind so that frees up a few places however the world rankings are on a roll over basis so for me to get in is going to be tight. I reckon I am in about 35th position an the entry list to get in, entry closes on the 26th June. I'll keep you posted.



D1. Entry Eligibility and Reserved Entry
Anyone wishing to compete in Speed:World:Cup World and Continental Championship events
may only do so with the approval of the Speed:World:Cup and his national authority.
All entries into the main section of an Speed:World:Cup World or Continental Championship
event shall be handled by the Speed:World:Cup Office.
The maximum total number of entries including men, women and wildcards may not exceed 60
competitors on a 500m course, and 45 competitors on a 250m course. Entries will be separated
into two or more fleets if necessary. If possible, only one fleet racing shall be used.
Even though all Speed:World:Cup events are in an open entry format, the following entries for
World and Continental Championship events are qualified by right:
Personal Qualification:
Top 5 last World Championship
Top 5 last Production World Championship
All continental champions
Slot qualification
Top 5 current GPSSS 500m ranking
Unlimited number of women
5 Wildcards Speed:World:Cup
5 Wildcards Organiser
1 Wildcard per corporate member (manufacturers)
Remaining Places are granted strictly by current ISWC ranking. All entries need to be confirmed
by their respective national authority.
Exceptions to these limits may be made by the ISWC Management Board.
There might be a minimum qualifying speed to ensure high level competition.
If more entrants request starting eligibility than slots available, seeding shall be done with the
help of the current ISWC ranking to the discretion of the race committee.