Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guernsey Video

First attempts at Filming from Pierre. Learnt a lot already.

PS Play it loud!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March speed

First session of the year, really needed it. Soooo frustrating watching the times from La Franqui. Guernsey has only one boat a week to France at the moment on a Friday, I would rather have a 3 - 4 day trip then a whole week.

Today was gusty 7.3 to 8m weather. Pierre came down and filmed so we will post that later. I told him I was looking for high 38's maximum runs, I ended up with a peak of 40.02 knots. Not bad to say how gusty Pembroke is in offshore winds. You have 3 areas of wind, west of the bay where you start has gusts which will get you up and going then a lull which hopefully you get through then another 50m area of strong wind, another lull then 70m of strong wind to the East of the bay. It's always the same, doesn't matter what wind strength. A bit of luck and you get through with an alright speed.

I never felt fully lit across the bay, really nice to see 40 knots come up. The 7.3 can easily average 40 in the right conditions.