Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SPEED 2009

Its been a long time but I'm back for speed this year.

During the 90's I was ranked in the top ten every year, a best of equal 4th with Thierry Bielak in 94.

A lot gone on since then, marriage, two boys now 11 & 9, a successful business.

There is something missing however and that is speed.

It was the wife that really got the ball rolling, I talked about coming back at the start of last year and when I brought up the subject again over Christmas she said " go for it ". As all us shackled blokes now, if the little lady says to do something who's going to argue.

I'm absolutely stoked to be teaming up with Jeff and Tom of HOT SAILS MAUI. I had my best results when I sailed for them in the 90's and apart from that have you seen the GPS sails!!

The plan is to get a top GPS speed time on the new kit and then compete on the speed circuit and see some top results.

Talk soon