Monday, July 18, 2011

July 2011

For the past month we have had light winds and sunny weather however that all changed yesterday. Force 6 winds, rigged the 7.3m Hot Sails GPS and Isonic 90 ltr / 35cm R Black Project fin combo again. Just such a good set up.

For some reason my GT 31 showed speeds when I was out there but when I checked them that evening the session shows up but no results. A bit of a worry, I wouldn't like that to happen in a contest.

I was consistently showing high end 36 knots during the session but West winds just don't work with speed sailing over here. SE to SW and Pembroke bay at low tide works, NW you have a strip outside of Grande Havre that works on mid to low tide, N is Perrelle Bay at mid to low and E to NE Vazon Bay Low tide but Westerly, get the wave kit out.

Today we have force 5 -6 Westerly with a swell. Wavesailing time!!