Friday, February 24, 2012


Just a quick update on whats been happening and what the plans are for 2012.

The days are lengthening, almost into March and I have missed two of the best speedsailing days in the last 10 years. That is the big frustrating news.

Over Christmas I had a stomach bug, won't go into details but loose would be a good description. It meant I missed some good wavesailing in Guernsey but also the speed session in the beginning of Jan. Jan 21st session, my wife organised our wedding anniversary meal. I did think about jumping on a plane to West Kirby but thinking was all I could do if I wanted to stay married.

Best to look forward. 2012 will see me compete on the European Speed Tour also there is talk of a World Championships (in a hot place, although every year there is talk. It is very difficult in the current economic state to get the funding for events, the minimum needed for a World Champs is $50 000.00.

West Kirby is always on my mind and I am desperate to get back up there. 2011 really showed me the speeds that I can reach and spurred me on to go for the World Record.

La Franqui is also on my mind but I need a driving companion for that one. Driving down to the South of France for an event my myself is no problem, you have a base and your van is safe on the beach with all the other competitors. Driving down, leaving your van on the beach by itself and going out sailing isn't so good, I love the French but like anywhere things can go missing and do.

I have also enquired about getting an invite to Lurditz for a 500m record attempt, I let you know if anything goes ahead.

Looks like a busy year, apart from competing the 2013 Hot Sails GPS'S are close to completion and will need a blast. Everything else stays the same, Chinnook are the best booms and extensions on the market, Black Project Fins are the best on the market, Starboard are the best on the market and Billabong makes me look sexy!