Saturday, August 7, 2010

World Speed Tour

Ok we are off!!

Confirmed dates as follows

German Championships - 4th - 11th September - Fermarn island Germany
Swedish Championships - 2nd-3rd October - Torkelstorp Sweden
British Championships - 18nd - 24th October - Weymouth, England
Worlds Championships - 8th - 14th November - Port St Louis France

Thats how it lines up for the 2010 World Tour and I am really excited!

I have had some great sessions on the new Starboard 58, which is a dream to sail from 8m down to 6.6m. The 2010 Hotsails GPS sails are really quick. New fins from Black Project that hold you in soooooo well.

On top of that I'm feelin great. Bring it on.

It will be the first time I have sailed in Germany and Sweden so I don't know what the course will be like but I am confortable on anything.

I keep you informed.