Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Nice hour in the water today on my Starboard SUP. 3' reef break, summer suit, and sun out. Feels good.

Monday, April 4, 2011


New sails arrived today from China. They look great, just logo'd up the 8.8 ready for some forcast wind later.

Friday, April 1, 2011


April is here and the sun is out, full on spring time in Guernsey.

My wave gear has been put in the shed, no more play time it's time to get serious.

My new boards arrived this week and my sails are due on Monday. I got out on my Starboard Isonic 127 today, 8.8m Hot sails gps and 45cm Black Project fin. First time out on the 127 and it took some getting used to, wave board last week and big race board this week.

Now till November is speed time, testing, training and competing.

Today was great, sunny and warm. The wind was very gusty offshore 12-14knots but a great learning session. The 45 cm BPF worked great no spin out and when you get the Isonic locked in on a broad reach it rocks. Very fast. I'll use the BPF 47 for more long distance training but for speed the 45 is great.

The Isonic 127 took some getting used to. It's feels very short but I'll soon get used to it.

Sails to start tweaking with in a couple of days. Lots to do and it feels great to be testing full time again.

The Chinook booms make a big difference to the feel of the rig. They lighten up the feel and control.