Sunday, December 12, 2010


The temperature has warmed up a little over here but the wind has disapeared.

Started on my winter fitness program last Sunday 5th. KILLER.

Just started to feel I was slipping a bit on fitness so I am back in training. Its a killer when you stop and then start again. Light runs and bike until Christmas then step it up in January. At the moment its 15 mile bike ride every day. I want to do a bike ride and the run before Christmas.

Two weeks of free time over Christmas so lets hope for some wind. I need to get some wavesailing shots.

Friday, December 3, 2010

2010 World Tour Speed Rankings

It's official I am ranked 2nd in the WORLD!!

Rankings 2010
ISWC Overall Men
1. A. Bringdal, SWE
2. M. Ogier, GBR
3. B. Dunkerbeck, SUI
4. D. Garrel, LUX
5. B. Moussilmani, FRA

ISWC Overall Women
1. Z. Davis, GBR
2. F. Aubert, FRA
3. M. Auge, FRA
4. B. Hoefer, GER
5. S. Wahl, GER

IKA Overall Men
1. Alex Caizergues, FRA
2. Sylvain Hoceini, FRA
3. Rob Douglas, USA
4. D. Williams, GBR
5. D. Leroy, USA

IKA Overall Women
1. M. Gil, USA
2. C. Consorti, FRA
3. S. Bredenkamp, RSA
4. J. Grobbelaar, GBR
5. Caroline Adrien, FRA

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December cold

We have had 30 knots of wind for the past week. Only problem is it's only 1 degree outside at the moment. Time to insulate the face, pitty it doesn't grow on top so well.
Should warm up next week, time for some wave sailing I think.