Thursday, April 22, 2010

April sailing

At last some sort of wind.

I sailed this morning with my Hot Sail GPS 8m and Starboard 122 up the road at Grande Havre Bay, it wan't the greatest session and the walk back to my van was probably the most exhausting part after I drifted down wind. The wind was measured at 18mph at Guernsey airport. Keeping an eye on the weather I notice it had picked up to 21mph during the afternoon (I know woopy doo dar 21 mph but beggers can't be choosers) I went in just after 5 with a 8.8 on the 122, it's the first time I have rigged my 8.8 let alone sailed it and the first time I have sailed with a sail that big. Great session 30 .880 knots max speed and a 29.64 average on 5 runs over 10 seconds. That could of gone up easily, the down side was not having enough room to have a flat run.

Again I am amazed by the feel and and power of the Hot Sail GPS's. I can't wait to have a good run and a go on the smaller sizes. Guernsey's great for sailing but it hasn't got a great flat water area for speed. SW winds and a low tide are the only conditions that could produce a fast time.

April sailing in Guernsey has been very poor. The worst I can remember for a long time, cold NE winds for as long as I can remember.

I will be over in the UK early May conditions depending and hope to sail Weymouth, Southend or maybe West Kirby if it's looking fantastic. Then it's all go with Sotevento World Speed Sailing Championships, Karpaths World Production Championships, Sweden, Weymouth, France European Championships.

Hope May see's better wind.