Sunday, July 18, 2010

Missed oportunities

First real wind of the summer and Guernsey missed it. The wind blew through the night on Thursday and Friday dying off on both days.

Plenty of sailing but no epic conditions as promised.

Thursday morning I had an hour and half up at Pembroke bay with my 8.8 GPS Hot Sail and Starboard Isonic 101. It was the first time I sailed that combination and it worked great, the board has enough volume to carry the big sail, my Isonic 94 was too small. The tide was too high for great speeds but a good session.

Second session was at Vazon low tide n the 8.8 and 121 Isonic. Lighter winds but faster times, I maxed just under 35 knots which was pleasing on such big kit. Theforecast was for force 6-7, we were lucky to get force 4.

Friday an the wind was slightly stronger. Grande Havre bay with a 7.3 on the 101. Gusty as hell and rough. A good work out but soooooo fustrating! England and Holland are aving cassic conditions and Guernsey has missed it. Friday evening back at Pembroke 8.8 and 121. Low tide and some nice flat water but gusty winds from the West meant it was too broad.

Easy to say I should have made atrip to England but the forcast wasn't conclusive.

Next time!

Load of sailing and good tuning of the big kit, new fins etc.