Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SPEED SESSION 08/03/2009

The wind was light to start this morning (force 4) with a forecast to come around from the NW to SW and increase. With a low tide and flat water at 10.50 it was always going to be a juggle to get out with flat water but have enough wind. The tide had changed and was coming up quick. I decided to get out there with the GPS 8.0m on the Starboard Isonic 94 with a 34cm Drake fin. The sail was the right one for the wind strength however the water was really choppy, it was full on even with a 8.0. The board was flying, 42 knots over 500m with a 6.0 years ago felt just as fast as the 8.0 and Starboard 94. I came in and put more down haul on before my last run which was the best in the worst conditions 34 knots. I don't see any problem getting 38-40 knots out of this sail especially on flat water and maybe the W53.

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