Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Awesome session out at Perelle yesterday.

Perelle is literally on my doorstep and offers some of the best speed sailing you can find. The best wind direction is Northerly or Southwest. I can rig up, leave the kit on my front lawn and sail when the the tide is at it's optimum height, come in and store the equipment in my shed rigged for the next day.

Yesterday it was blowing North East force 6-7 which meant the strip was at a tight angle ie no good speeds but a lot of fun.

I rigged my Hot Sails GPS 6.6 and rode the Starboard W53. What a combination!!

I was on the limit with the 6.6. The acceleration as you bore away was phenomenal, unfortunately with the wind North East you only had a run of 120 degrees off the wind for about 100m. By the time you were hitting top speeds the rocks were looming large.

The session was one of the best I have had for tuning and tweaking the kit.

Check out the pics!

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