Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July update

I have been a bit slack with the updates.

I have received confirmation that I have a spot in the world championships in Karpathos Greece. It's a big relief to get in and I've booked the flights.

July 29th Guernsey to Gatwick 8.40 arrive 9.40
July 29th Gatwick to Rhodes 13.55 arrive 20.00
July 30th Rhodes to Karpathos ferry 7.00 arrive 14.00

July 31st Registration
August 1st - 5th Competition

Augsut 6th Karpathos to Rhodes ferry 14.00 arrive 19.15
August 6th Rhodes to Gatwick 21.40 arrives 23.45
August 7th Gatwick to Guernsey 8.40 arrives 9.40

I have had some good light wind training in the few weeks, a session on the 7.4m sail yesterday which was very productive. The sea was rough however I still clocked up 32.96 knots, the nice thing is the sails are accelerating with every gust and the boards and fins are so stable you can push them through the chop with no spin out at all.

From what I can make out Karpathos is a broad 250m choppy course with wind blowing force 5-8. If that is the case then I will be using 6.6, 7.3, 8.0 sails on the Staboard Isonic 94 and W53. I will take a 6.0 square meter sail just in case.

In the past I was always very competitive on broad courses like Tarifa and Fuerteventura. 6.0 and 6.6 square meter sails were always my best sails. I am still not as sail fit as I used to be but I working on that as much as mother nature allows. On Monday I ran 8 miles which tells me I am in good a shape. Greece should be good, I am really looking forward to it.

I'll keep you posted.



  1. Hi Martin

    I run the www.karpathosspeedsurf.com web

    I would like to feature some of your thoughts on the run up to the competition..

    Drop me a line if this is ok, we just need a more frequent blog on your thoughts of travel to, karpathos itself, the course and the wind..

    you can reach me at

  2. Good luck in Greece, keep us all posted here in guern.

    Should be good winds tomorrow - Guernsey is listed as No.2 in the world on Windguru after some island off the coast of east Africa - forecast average 34knts peak gusts 44knts, you might need to break out your 6.0 and i could go for my new 3.7 superfreak!