Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sailing at last

It seems like forever since my last sail. Today we had force five winds blowing south / southeast with a forecast to swing to the southwest and pick up. Now that the days are drawing out over here I rigged up and was in by 3.30. Force five dead cross shore and 7' face sets coming through. I had one hour of beautiful down the line sailing all by myself. I got caught on the last one and ended up with my board hitting me just behind the right ear. It's a scary moment when your alone in the sea, it's 8 degrees air temp 8 degrees water temp and your hit and everything goes fuzzy! It past within a couple of seconds but my head was pounding. I wore my neoprene hood today which I usually don't but with a good chance of going through the rinse it seemed a good idea. Good job I did it may of been the difference of being knocked out or not. A couple of pain killers later and things are feeling a bit better but the bruise is coming out already should be a cracker tomorrow.

Tomorrow has the same forecast but with the swell picking up then "at the moment" the forecast for Friday is 35 knots NW swinging W. If it stays NW Friday am will be perfect for speed on a perfectly flat spot next to Grande Havre bay. Its a big at the moment forecast. Fingers crossed.

Had a telling off from Pierre for not telling him I was going in. Hopefully the next couple of days will be epic.

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