Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Just back from the German speed event, knackered after the drive.

I'll put a full report together on the blog site later on in the week but I thought I'd let you know how things went.

The course in Fehmarn is in the middle of a big natuarl harbour. No real flat off shore speed strip at all and full of weed. No one told me I would need weed fins. After being so confident with the fins I have that was a real shocker. I borrowed two fins from a local fin maker, a 24cm and 28cm ( all he had ), and had to swap them around the boards I used. With the winds we had and sea conditions I used the Isonic 101 and 94. The last day I should have used the 122 and the second day I could have used the speed 58.

The course was about 1 mile upwind from the rigging area and each leg was 1.5hrs. 1.5hrs sounds like a long time but if your out with the wrong kit or the wind changes you haven't really got time to sail back downwind change and beat back up especially with weed fins that are too small.

Race Day One

leg one
About 20 knots, 8m on the 101, broad course with wind chop up to 18" high (the chop stayed the same in every round)
Placed 8th with a 2 x 500m average of 30.9 knots, max 33.9

leg two
Wind picked up a bit and changed down to the 7.3 on the 101. They change the course and made it squarer.
Placed 14th with 2 x 500m average of 29.7 max 31.89
Fin was way too small. I couldn't do anything about it the board was slipping sideways.

Race day 2

Leg 3
25 -28 knots wind 6.6 on the 94
Placed 9th with 2 x 500m average of 32.4 max 35.7

leg 4
Wind dropped a bit. 7.3m on the 101ltr. Should of stayed on the 94 ltr board
Placed 15th with 2 x 500m average of 31.1 max 34.6

Leg 5
Wind dropping after the race started. On the 7.3 and 94. The main start bouy started drifting during this race which meant that the course was getting tighter all the time. The race was thrown out due to this but then reinstated.
Placed 13th 2 x 500m average of 29.8, max of 32.8

Race day 3

Leg 6
Wind blowing 20 knots but forcast to drop. On the 8.8 with the 101. As the race started the wind started to drop and I was struggling to get runs in. I should of been on the 122 ltr board but it wasn't finned up and I would of had time to change.
Placed 17th average of 26.2, max of 30 knots.

Overall after 6 legs and one discard I placed 12th. 1st place International and 1st placed guest.

Being 110kg board size is critical for me. I either plane or sink. On the windiest leg I could have used the Isonic speed 58 which would have been faster but with the course so far up wind changing equipment during a leg wasn't practical.

Fins again were a huge issue but out of my control, I was lucky to find weed fins at all.

Leg 5 should have been chucked out.

The sails are as fast as the Norths, Prydes and Gaastras but the package of sail, board and fin have to be right. Changing equipent during the legs wasn't possible however it will be in Weymouth and France.

12th should bring my overall ranking up to 30 ish now that the ranking system has changed. With Weymouth and France I think top 16 is achievable. This year everthing revolves around France, it has the most points by far. 3 events to count for the ranking.

1st International doesn't mean much to me but it did bring a lot of media attention and my kids where please to see two trophies brought back.

Under the circumstances 12th was a good finish but I always want more.

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