Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Speed Tour

Weymouth starts this coming Saturday, with wind forecast on the Saturday and Monday. The forecast is for light winds but we all sail in light winds from time to time.

I don't know why speed competitions have a noose around their necks that the contest isn't a good one unless records are broken. No one worries about a slalom comp with 8m sails so why do people when it's a speed contest.

It's as important to know the fastest 8m2 sail as it is a 5m2 sail and a speed contest is the place to find out. I would rather be sailing with a 5 instead of an 8but its still a contest.

The world speed tour has to re-educate the public to this then we will have a tour to be proud of. Also the tour needs a tour sponsor rather than individual contests. All the national contest are booming, over subscribed at times. These events are up and running a tour sponsor would only have to come in to provide prize money. Prize money doesn't even have to be much but it would give a more professional look to the organisation and help it grow again.

Look at this year, the Belgium event, German event and Weymouth, all great speed events up and running but with no chance of records being smashed, does it matter?

National events with a 7500 euro prize fund, that is what we need. World and European events could follow but get a secure tour in place first.

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