Thursday, December 1, 2011


December here already. I have spent the whole of November looking at forecasts for West Kirby, missed last weekends session but as it turned out it wasn't epic.

The problem is all the forecasts show epic conditions for 5-7 days time and then gradually back off.

This weekend looks ok but next Wednesday looks fantastic. Fingers crossed, I am desperate to get up there.

Here in Guernsey we have had wind and waves, onshore at Pembroke bay a week ago. Dead cross shore Monday with 3-5' surf at Vazon.

Today I had one of the best sails I have ever had at Perelle reef. Side shore out behind the island with some bombs coming through. The wind lasted about 20 minutes but the surf was the best I have sailed there. Two waves is all I caught and I stoked.

The first half to 3/4 mast, slightly aprehensive as it formed. Perelle surf is deadly, any mistake and your washed up on huge boulders at the back of a small island half a mile off Guernsey. Everything would be gone and a rip that would take you out to the English channel.

But when the waves are good they can live with anywhere on the planet. First wave aprehensive but the second, mast high and peeling. As soon as I took the drop all thoughts of damage went, four buttom to top down the line in the critical section turns and taht will do. Gybed out and the wind had gone, drifted out and back again.

I have never had such a short epic sail.

Went for a mile swim in the pool after and sailed that wave over and over again in my head.

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