Friday, November 23, 2012


It's the morning of the 6th day for us in Luderitz. We have had 4 days sailing since we arrived and it has taken up until now to get the kit dialed in.

I have used my 5.5. 5.8 and 6.0 GPS Hotsails Maui  sails for the first time this week, as well the first time on the sails it's the first time I have used the Starboard W44 and my Black Project X45. A lot of learning.

On Wednesday I recorded a 500m average speed of 48.21 knots maxing at 50.05 using the 5.5 GPS, W44 and X45.

Thursday was all about tuning and changing things around. There was no official timing as they thought the wind wasn't strong enough. With my last run of the day on the 6.0 GPS I maxed at 49.55.

I sailed with a 3kg weight jacket and the difference was amazing. Checking the video afterwards it's really noticeable that I am more locked in with a better stance ready to absorb the gusts where as on Wednesday the gusts were lifting me up on my toes.

Great forecast for today or tomorrow. No typo there, one forecast says today one says tomorrow.

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