Friday, April 25, 2014

Mondial du Vent 2014

Arrived in leucate safe and well, it all been down hill after that.
Sailed with all the boys up wind from the comp site, Antoine AlbeauCédric BurelPeter VolwaterJacques Van Der HoutNicolas David Garrelwere some. Top class field for the comp tomorrow.
Had my worst wipe out ever today. I would like to tell how and why but I can't remember. Two cuts to the head, neck that can't turn and a worrying click on the left side of my ribs. Pritty sure if you break a rib you can hardly breath and move, figures crossed. I'll see what it feels like in the morning.
No wind tomorrow but back with a vengeance on sun, mob, tue, wed, fri.
5.8m sail 50 knot gusts.
Patrik Diethelm speed 43 with Black Project 45 to start but the board is too small for here. Swapped up to the 53 with Black Project RS28 which felt a lot better until my crash, will try the RS26 on Sun.
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