Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fuerteventura World Championships

Fuerteventura world championships are coming up.

The Speed World Cup has changed its ranking system for 2010 to your best three events to count for the overall title. Something I agree with 100% however in doing this it means that my 2009 ranking would of given me automatic entry into the World Champs easily but now my ranking is based on Karpathos last year and Weymouth where although I placed fourth was judged as a non counting event due to the small number of sailors who sailed fast enough in those conditions.

Other sailors have jumped over me with entering non events in Holland and Belgium and sailing in what must be the smallest event of the year in Ireland.

I'm still inside the the 40 places allocated however that will change if more people enter.

I hope I get in, I've put too much into it to miss out.

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