Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pembroke Bay speed session

Good wind angle at Pembroke on Saturday but by the time the wind picked up the tide was way too high. Pembroke has a 25' drop from the car park to the beach level, at low tide you are 350m away fro the wall but at high it could be as close as 10m. When I sailed it was about 25m away and hence a great big wind shadow as you came in close. Pleased with the speeds though, they keep creeping up. This sail will easily do 34knots max and average well over 30 in its correct wind range.

Sail size and predicted speed for each sail listed below

Hotsails GPS 8.8 34 knots
Hotsails GPS 8.0 37 knots
Hotsails GPS 7.3 40 knots
Hotsails GPS 6.6 43 knots
Hotsails GPS 6.0 46 knots

These are what I predict for each sail.

Guernsey is a fantastic place to sail and train but for flat out speed we are limited. Pembroke bay is our best spot, a sandy bay measuring 650m from one side to the other. It's only good at low tide in a SE to SW wind direction. You could count the number of SW winds we have had in 2010 on one hand yet it is our prominent wind direction.

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