Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Had my first session on the new gps's yesterday.

8.0m with my Isonic 107 and R375 fin. Great combination, managed just over 36 knots on a very small strip. Vazon bay at high tide left me with 250m of broad reach, on the gt-31 it showed by speed beating into the reach at 22 knots. The exceleration was fantastic up to 36then sheet out before the rocks.

The 2011 sails are more stable than 2010 and noticably quicker, the 2010 are fast already. The fin worked great, no spin out over 6-8" chop, I'd probably go one bigger for slalom.

Next stop is the Swedish Speed Championships 1st - 6th June. Hopefully after that there will be more confirmed news on a World Speed Championships. There is something in the pipeline I have been told.

Really looking forward to competing again with the new sails, they are a big jump again in performance from 2010. New fins, booms and boards have also improved on 2010, figures crossed for the results as well.

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