Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Kit

Finally got everything together for some pictures, not great light conditions but there was wind and Pierre had his camera.

Went out on the 6.6 with my Isonic 90. I think I was over excited about strong winds and finally getting out on th 90. As it tunrd out the 7.3 would have been better but I stuck with the 6.6 and moved up to my Isonic 107.

Some ok shots, stickered up.

Off to Sweden on Tue. 7am flight from Guernsey to Southampton, pick up my van which was shipped over on Friday, drive to Folkstone, catch the train through the tunnel, 10.5 hour drive to Ferharn Germany, catch a ferry to Sweden. Not too bad then!!

It has to be this way to cut down on days away. With Guernsey being so small it isn't possible to fly ou with my gear.

The forcast is for good winds up to the event and then nothing during but forcast change all the time.


  1. Good advice: time your roadtrip trough Belgium good, otherwise you will have the daily massive trafficjam between Gent and Antwerp (takes me sometimes 3h on a tuesday night for only 40km...).

    Best timeslot is between 11-15h to pass Antwerp.

  2. or avoid antwerp...probably the safest option.