Thursday, October 6, 2011

British Speed Sailing Championships

The British Speed Sailing Championships are just around the corner and I have had a hard decission to make, whether to fly up to West Kirby or tune my bigger gear for the British Champs in Weymouth from the 15th - 21st October.

My heart said West Kirby but my head told me to get some training in on the big kit again.

Also Aurigny Airlines have just stepped in to help me with travel costs fly from Guernsey to Manchester so that I can keep up the record attempts. New Aurigny sail stickers just printed and the chance to get some pictures taken was the sensible thing to do.

Having said that I keep checking if anyone has posted some good speeds.

Next stop Weymouth where I'll also pick up my new small Isonic speed board which will be better for world record attempts. The W54 is a beautiful board to sail and fantastic in Competition sailing when ease of use is as important as ultimate speed but it is too big for real speeds ie above the 45.77 knots already clocked.

Todays sailing was quite light, 8.0m Hotsails GPS and the Starboard Isonic 107 / Black Project R37.5 combo. Clocked up 33.75 max speed but not great sailing. Westerly winds are the worst for getting any sort of flat water. 20 years ago and all I wanted was westerlies for wave sailing.

More testing over the next week and some pictures to add later.

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