Thursday, May 2, 2013

2013 What happening

Big change this year.

I would like to thank HotSails Maui for the past 4 years, it has been great fun helping with the design of the GPS sails and we have had some great results including 2nd place 2010 World Speed Tour and breaking the 50 knot barrier with 50.20 knots.

Time to move on though and with the World and European tours drying up Speed sailing has become all about maximum speed and that means Luderitz.

I have joined the Neil Pryde team for 2013 and will be concentrating solely on preparing for Luderitz. When my sails arrive and if there are good conditions forecast for West Kirby or La Franqui then I'll be on my way to post a GPS Speedsurfing time.

There are a few other events that I would have liked to go to like Le Defi but timing wise with equipment this won't be possible.

At the moment it's a case of staying fit, loosing a few pounds, getting out on the SUP and in the waves until I can start to tune my gear.

You have to be 100% with everything before travelling out to Namibia and although my results last year were good they aren't where I want them.

To turn up in Luderitz and nail it all by yourself is a hard task. Last year there were a lot of mini teams going on, not all on exactly the same gear but sharing some of the setup, the same board or fin or sail or Nationality. All very friendly but that sort of feeding off each other with fin size, sail setting etc helps a lot.

With one Luderitz trip under my belt the amount you learn is huge and I plan to put that to good effect this year.

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