Friday, November 8, 2013

Luderitz 8th Nov

Such a better day and completely unexpected.

The forecast was for lighter winds than yesterday and the organisers decided yesterday that they wouldn't open the course today. It was also a open day for the local schools this afternoon to come down and have a look at what is going on.

Pierre and I were editing till about 12.30 when Pierre said it looks kind of windy. The plan was to have lunch then down for the open day but we decided to check out the canal first. when we got there it looked good enough to sail so I rigged the 6.4 Evo 5 and the PATRIK 43 and went for it.

First run 42.95 knots average over 21 seconds, (the 500m timing wasn't set up so it was gps only). Pierre took some video from the end of the canal then we dropped the back door of the pickup so I could sit on it and he drove me back up the course, me holding the sail out the back. The run was similar to yesterday and didn't feel great so I added another 2.5 cm of downhaul to the sail and put on my weight jacket with 3.5kg of weight. The wind was definitely lighter than yesterday but boom the run felt great, over 44.6 knots average 21 seconds and 45.93 top speed. The difference was extreme you actually feel more powered up with the weight and extra downhaul. you could tell the wind was lighter as sailors who had no problem getting going yesterday could today.

The winds yesterday were forecast 22 knots gusting 28 knots that means 32 gusting 38 at the canal, today was 20 gusting 25, tomorrows is 24 gusting 32.

Tomorrow is the windiest day forecast since we have been here however the weather pattern is good for next week with the wind decreasing on Sunday then building again. The forecast for next Wednesday is 21 gusting 28 but that might increase, it may decrease as well though.

We'll see what tomorrow brings but I am a lot happier with the setup now than I was first thing this morning.

We did a lot of video today and GoPro action.

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