Thursday, November 7, 2013

Luderitz my first day

Great to be back in Luderitz.

We had some wind yesterday and it was great to get going.

I started with my Evo 5 5.8 on my Patrik Speed 43 but soon realised that there wasn't enough wind. after 2 runs I swapped to my 6.4 and had my fastest time just under 44 knots for 500m. Not great but good to get back used to the canal.

When being driven back up to the start I noticed everyone rushing over to the leeward side of the canal.    Sophie had a unbelievable crash being lifted 20m into the air by her kite and dumped on the hard sand. She is stable in hospital sustaining a badly broken leg, hopefully nothing more. The whole atmosphere around the canal changed, just felt sick in the stomach.

The course was closed and rightly so while the ambulance took Sophie to the hospital. It was opened again 1.5 hrs later for gps and half an hour after that for timing. I waited for the timing to re-open before  going back out but the wind was dying fast, just two more runs before the died.

I sailed only 5 runs and tried out 3 fins, the X type, XLS and prototype. I think I'll keep to the X type.

There were some good speeds done and posted on gps but the last time I looked at the timing board by the canal I was 4th fastest. That has certainly changed on gps but I don't know if they were done outside of the 500m timing when I wasn't on the water.

The forecast yesterday was for good winds Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. know that has changed and it looks like we will only get wind tomorrow, slightly stronger than yesterday. Fingers crossed.

Take off before the corner into the course. boom!!

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