Sunday, September 21, 2014


Great news, I have teamed up with Nutz Wetsuits.

Nutz are a Jersey based company here in the Channel Islands. Its great to be associated with a wetsuit company so close to where I live.

The wetsuits are super stretchy. It's really difficult to get wetsuits for windsurfing. Most wetsuits are designed for the surf market which is understandable as it is such a huge market but they are too tight in the forearms for windsurfing. Nutz Wetsuits are designed for the surf market as well but due to the super stretchy neoprene used they are fantastic for windsurfing.

Check them out here

Just under four weeks till I am off to try and break some windsurfing records in Luderitz.

I'll be taking the short arm 2-2mm

and the 3-2mm long arm

When the wind really blows in Luderitz the sand being blown across the desert stings the arms, so it will be short arm for training light days and the long arm for the records.


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