Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pre Luderitz

What's been happening?

A very windless frustrating summer for windsurfing since my crash in April.

Having taken almost 2 months to heal from my broken rib and prolapsed disc in my neck training for Luderitz has been slow. I ordered the Patrik 135 III to get out on the water more which has helped but not enough sailing for my liking. Apart from 1 x 6m wave session and 1 full on 4.9m session (with tiny waves) I haven't been out on anything less than the Evo VI 7.8m and mostly the 9.5m.

The last 3 weeks have seen me have pain in my right elbow (elbow not wrist, no smutty innuendos) which was diagnosed yesterday as Tennis Elbow. Been waking up with aches all over which again was diagnosed yesterday as my back being out of line. Sam at the Beach Clinic did a fantastic job of putting it right and this morning I felt great.

It may be 20 years late but tonight will be my first Yoga class. It seems all these years of not stretching is taking its toll and that's why the injuries are mounting up.

Six weeks till Luderitz, can't wait. The kit is looking great, really happy with the sails / masts combo I have. I don't think they worked well last year, although we didn't get fantastic wind the masts felt a little too stiff for the sails. This year the same masts on the new sails look fantastic.

Boards are sweet 43cm Patrik production and 41 custom. Fins, Black Project X Type (what else!) fantastic grip and speed.

It will be good to go back with everything tested, no surprises this year.

Summer sailing
I keep you posted.

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  1. Martin, make sure to check out the Thera-Band Flexbar for your tennis elbow. It worked wonders for me, after having elbow tendonitis for more than a year. There's a report with some relevant links on my blog at http://boardsurfr.blogspot.com/2010/05/no-more-tennis-elbow.html