Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SPEED SESSION 10/02/2009

The wind was blowing force 8 - 9 all night. I was set up at 10 am on the North shore of Guernsey at a new spot that looks great at low tide for speed, approx 700m run, on shore winds but sheltered by reefs at low tide. I took a 6 and 6.6 and my Starboard 49, rigged the 6.6. The wind was slowly dying and the session never really got going. I should have taken my Starboard isonic 94 which would have got me out to the speed strip quicker. The wind was blowing NW force 6 maybe 7 by the time I got in. To get out to the speed spot was a beat straight out from the beach. On a speed board and 6.6 in a small bay it wasn't happening, by the time you bore off to get on the plane and tried to get up wind you were at the other end of the bay. It was productive however, the boards straps are difficult to get big enough to use with boots (did I mention it was 7 degrees air temp, water 6 degrees). I will change the straps tonight. Pierre Bisson took some snaps although the sails aren't labeled up yet. The session was not what I had been thinking about all night but the site has potential and NW is the right direction. I shall definitely sail it again.

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