Thursday, February 19, 2009


We were expecting 28mph wind speed for this Sunday up to two days ago now it is forecasting 14mph. No chance of cracking out some GPS speeds this week. The long range forecasts do look like the high pressures that are constantly hanging over us are going and we will get some low pressures tracking through.

I have been checking out another potential speed spot at Perelle Bay in Guernsey. At mid to low tide it will work from SSW to NW wind direction.

When I was last competitively into speed sailing most of my windsurfing training in Guernsey was wave sailing now that I'm back I am totally focused on speed, I don't even have any wave sails.

Driving around the coast I always looking out for new speed spots for different wind directions.

I just ordered a new set of fins from C3 in New Zealand. Their Venom G10 speed fins, 5 fins from 24cm to 32 cm. These fins are widely used in speed circles and have had some great times recorded.

I made a lot of mistakes the first time around with speed fins and don't want to make them again. I figure start with the best and move on from there with design input.

My entry for the speed contest in Port St Louis France went off today. It runs from the 25th March - 29th March. I have sailed at St Marie de la Mer just down the road but I haven't sailed at Port St Louis yet.

I hope to have better news with the wind situation over here soon and post some speeds.



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