Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Speed Tour 2011

News on the grape vine is that the 2011 Speed European tour has been approved in principle,just the details of the rules to be agreed.

Interested parties are from UK, Belgium, Germany, Spain (Tarifa), Holland, Austria and Sweden.

Fuerteventura is a strong possibility for a World Championships. This will be a stand alone event as a one off world cup.

Another place showing interest is Dakhla in Morocco, possibly for a production worlds.

Obviously all is to be confirmed.

Speed has never looked so good.


  1. Interesting stuff for sure. It would be nice to have some strong events too look up for speedsurfing.

    Speedsurfing Blog

  2. Already registered for our Belgian speedweek. Maybe I can join also the Dutch and German event this year (just for fun).