Friday, September 14, 2012

Back injury

Finally had to stop light training to get this back fixed. Felt like it was mending last week, still training, then my youngest asked to go and do 9 holes of golf on Saturday, big mistake should have known better. Since then I trained Sun, Mon, Tue and had another therapy session on Wednesday. The good news is Wednesday session has made me feel better than I have in the last 4 weeks but I have decided to halt the training until I can't feel any pain.

Booked in for last Bowen Therapy session on Tuesday then keep figures crossed to be fit for Weymouth. I can't see that will be a problem because I could sail as I am but don't want to take any chances with both Weymouth and Namibia coming up.

Have a look at the new speed demon attached. Starboard Isonic Speed W44 with Black Project X45 nicely slotted in. Hot straps for comfort and performance.

I'll be taking both the W44 and W49 to Africa along with some speed special sails, new Hot Sails GPS 2013's and new masts.

Flights, Car Hire and Hotel all booked. Just to make it a bit more difficult and expensive Guernsey decided to close it's airport for a week when we are due to fly back.

Now we are catching a ferry over night to Portsmouth, drive up to Heathrow, fly out to Capetown, drive 10 hours from Capetown to Luderitz, arrive hopefully about 10 pm ready for Monday sailing. Two weeks later we do it in reverse.

It sure isn't easy getting there, or cheap!


  1. You seem like a very sporty guy, Martyn. Well, that’s good for your body’s responsiveness and agility, and your lifestyle is also a good example to your children. However, do take time to rest and slow down sometimes, so that you won’t strain your body. Anyway, it’s good that your back injury is getting better. :) Good luck and stay safe!

    Gwen Knight

  2. It’s hard to take a break of your sporty routine, but I know it’s for your own good. I hope by this time you’re already ok and back to your usual exercises with your children. Don’t forget to be extra careful and attend some physical therapy sessions so that you can maintain a healthy body.

    < Sienna Christie >