Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weymouth training

Only 1 month before Weymouth and time to try and loose as much weight as possible, Weymouth is usually a light wind event.

Had a good session on Wednesday back on my Hot Sails GPS 8.8, Starboard Isonic 127 and Black Project Fins R45. This is the combination that I usually need most at Weymouth.

1 month of fasting then 1 month of putting on weight again for Namibia. (the right type of weight however, you have to be able to handle it)

One niggling problem is my back at the moment. I have been doing so much training that my lower right side is giving me problems. I have started having Bowen therapy to sort it, if you have back problems I would highly recommend it. One session down with the therapy and another booked for Tuesday, apparently I am all out of alignment. The good thing is I can still do light training.

I keep you informed on how it all goes.

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