Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Luderitz 2012

The runners and riders have been announced, you'll get the line up here - http://freightfocus.net/Riders/Riders/

It's been a really frustrating year, a couple of injury missed West Kirby days earlier on in the year and a lack of first class locations for speed competitions have kept me quiet.

Everything is about to change though. The British Speed Championships are coming up in Weymouth UK from the 6th-12th October then the big one.

Luderitz Namibia
I'll be there from the 16th November till the 3rd December.

When I started speed sailing there was only one record to break, your average speed over 500m. Now there are a few. What I would like to happen is that most if not all get broken at the same time. My list of records to break in Luderitz are as follows,

500m British windsurfing record - currently 44.34 knots
500m British speed sailing record - currently 44.78 knots
500m Production world speed sailing record - currenty 46.51 knots
GPS 5 x 10 second average speed - currently 48.40 knots
GPS 500m average - currently 48.71 knots
GPS Maximum 10 second speed - currently 49.05 knots
GPS 250m average - currently 49.08 knots
500m Windsurfing world record - currently 49.09 knots
GPS 100m average - currently 49.80 knots
GPS Maximum 2 second speed - currently 50.51 knots
500m Outright world speed sailing - currently 55.65 knots

If the winds blow I believe that a new Windsurfing world record over 50 knots will happen. I believe a windsurfer will reach over 52 knots but at this stage it may be only a maximum speed but who knows! We have got to give it a go.

I have a maximum speed of 49.5 knots sailing into 30cm high chop with no way of slowing down till you crash. That was achieved in West Kirby with my Hotsails gps 5.5m, Starboard speed W49 and Black Project Fin X40.

In Namibia I will have the new Hotsails gps 2013 and speed prototypes down to 4.8m, I will have the Starboard speed W44 and Black Project X50. Smaller kit means faster speeds so watch this space.

My partners who this record attempt are,

Hot Sails Maui
Black Project Fins
Gath Helmets
Flying Objects
Aurigny airlines
Wetsuit sponsor tbc

My thanks to all of them.

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