Monday, May 5, 2014

Guernsey diagnoses

Having made it back to Guernsey I thought it best to have a check up at the doctor as my left arm and hand feels numb.

Got booked in for Thursday afternoon straight from the boat. He didn't tell me anything I didn't know already but did say he would book me an emergency MRI scan to check out my neck and see if there was any damage there causing the numbness.

The doctors secretary phoned me on Friday, after I had called twice, to say the earliest I can have a scan is in 2 weeks time (emergency ha). She did suggest that I go up to A & E, they might be able to get something earlier.

I had a lot of pain Saturday night so decided to go up to A & E. The receptionist told me there should be someone who can help, take a seat. A nurse then called me and asked if I had done the injury recently, I explained when it happened and that I had seen my GP. He told me that I should go back to the GP and would phone for an appointment.

When I mentioned that the GP would only give me pain killers he told me that is all they can do at A & E on a weekend, especially a long weekend. My GP wasn't working Saturday morning so he said the doctor on call there would see me.

After two minutes with the doctor he had me having an X ray, when the results came back the nurse had been called to strap up my neck and I was going for a CT scan. The nurse looked a bit embarrassed to say the least.

The CT scan shows that I have a crack in my neck which they are concerned about. No neck brace or anything for now, just rest and no situation to put my neck in any more harm.

Appointment with the specialised on Tuesday morning.

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