Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MRI Follow up

Saw the specialist today. Same kind of story as last time but in more detail.

There is a lot of wear to the neck, crushed discs and worn vertebra.

I would have liked the diagnoses from last time that the disc has prolapsed and the the soft inside has squeezed out pressing on a nerve. The soft bit should be absorbed into the body relieving the pressure on the nerve.

Never nice seeing your body deteriorating with no fix.

I have been booked in to seeing a spinal expert in Exeter. The doctor here still thinks that the diagnosis will to leave it alone but it's worth a second opinion.

I feel better every week and i know that when I had my prolapsed discs in my back it took 3 month to repair and my neck is no where as bad.

Still looking / hopping for a water return in a couple of weeks.

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