Friday, May 16, 2014

Post MDV accident report

MRI Scan today, I should have the results in a week.

My Rib is cracked which until a week ago gave me hardly any trouble at all. The last week it feels like the day after you have had a health kick suddenly doing 100 sit-ups with no buildup. an annoying dull pain when tensed.

My vertebra has been diagnosed as arthritic and on collision the two either side of my prolapsed disc must of touched chipping of a small section from each. A good thing the doctor reckons, it will give the disc more room.

The main problem is a prolapsed disc which is pressing on a nerve causing numbness down my left side. It is getting, very slowly, better each day. Not soon enough though. I had two prolapsed disc a long time ago and I know it takes a long time to heel (by heel I mean not hurt, it will never be good as new) We're getting there.

Be safe, have fun

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