Friday, June 22, 2012

Week ending 22/06/2012

Busy busy week.

After a week off training monday was time for a cliff run, really hard and running up the cliff steps my right knee gave way twice. Not nice. Then a mile swim, I find the swim is almost a warm down exercise. I swim with 1kg wieghts on each wrist and a swim float for my legs. My theory is the run works out my legs and then the swim does my arms, it seems to be working.

Tuesday day off, give the knee a rest.

Wednesday cliff run, a little further but hard again and again my knee gave way. Back in the pool after.

Thursday 5pm and the wind is howling. Tide too high for speed but cross shore at Vazon and a nice 3' wave rolling in. 5.5m Firelight and Starboard kode 94, believe me this is small kit for me in the waves. Hutchy is on his 4.2m. A few flip de doos over the handle bars and a good work out.

Friday and it's still windy 6.0m smack and Kode 103 and again I'm flip de doing both ways but after 1 hour my right knee is giving me jip.

At first I thought that having the previous week off had been the trouble with my leg giving way this, but now I know why. Last Sunday on Fathers day I played 9 holes of golf with my son and Father, thats were the problem came from. The twisting of my back leg in the follow through. Now it all makes sense, I haven't really had much knee problems since giving up golf 4 years ago.

Next wind is forecast for Sunday. Hopefully good for speed.

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