Friday, June 8, 2012

June 7th

All coming thick and fast now. Yesterday was one of the most enjoyable speed sailing sessions I have ever had. Sunny, warm, offshore winds 22knots gusting to 32 knots. A bit of a wind range but when the gusts came through it was great. 2 hours out on the water until the tide got too high and the wind became too fluky. 6.6m Hotsails GPS / Starboard Isonic Speed W54 / Black Project Fins R30 Combo I went out on the W49 first thing for a couple of runs, what a difference from sailing it at West Kirby last year. Back then I couldn't get in the straps and felt uncomfortable all the time. Now I have changed the straps to Hot Sails straps and moved them in board as I did on the 127 it felt great, no problem at all slipping into them. I changed up board because Pembroke bay is way too gusty, on the 54 I can sail up and down all day long no problem. The 49 needs more constant wind otherwise when your my size you end up swimming a lot. 41.93 knots maximum yesterday which I was happy with. Not the greatest angle for high speeds but definitely the best angle for a fun session sailing parallel to the beach back up wind. Today is looking good also, slightly more wind and WSW which should make quicker speeds although it will be harder to get close to the beach earlier enough. We will see.

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