Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 8th

So much promise but when I arrived at the beach the wind looked like it was starting to drop. I rigged up the 6.6 and went out for a couple of runs but the wind wasn't anywhere strong enough. Still you always learn something. I had a racing 28cm fin in the W54 for the first time and had no problems with spin out. It should prove to be faster by quite a bit compared to the R30. I'll still use the R30 in open water contests and tight courses. After a couple of runs I packed up and went down to Vazon for a bit of down the line wave sailing. 6.0m Firelight and Starboard kode 103 were perfect for some hits. Very strange jumping back on wave kit though after all the speed. A good couple of days sailing then followed by a couple of days of running and swimming. All starting to pay off now and plenty of time till Luderitz in Nov.

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