Monday, June 4, 2012

June firsts

Plenty of first yesterday. First time using the big kit this year, 8.8m sail and 127 ltr board. First time in a summer suit this year. First time sailing with the back straps placed more in board. Very much competition speed training as opposed to record attempts. I have changed the straps on the 127 to Hot Sails straps, this enables me to put them slightly more in board as they have 3 holes in each strap. This worked great for me and I'll do it on my other boards as well, size 12 feet and trying to ram them into straps too close to the rail can be difficult but that extra 3/4 inch moved inboard makes all the difference. Had the boom slightly higher than normal and in the light winds felt great. Really felt locked in on the reaches. 34.93 top speed was good. It's all about the small changes now which should make the difference from runner up to champion. Luderitz record attempt is taking up all my thoughts, really excited to see how far I can push the equipment. Starboard Isonic w44 on the way and Tom is weaving some magic on new sails. Fins, Sails and boards are the best out there and we will see something very exciting come November. Off water training is going great, fitter than ever at the moment and pushing hard. Strong winds forecast for this Friday and hopefully there will be some wind forecast for West Kirby or La Franqui that I can make the most of. The roll on ferry to France now sails every day so La Franqui will be easier to get to.

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